15 Pearls of the Immortals’ spirituality

2 04 2011

Cathars Cross

Our Fathers and we have been staying at the thrones of Our the Most High for 700 years, descending to Earth and getting enriched in the experience of holy passions.

These 700 years have passed as the shedding of the last drop to the spouting Holy Grail of Our the Most High. Reincarnation cycles have enriched his composition, having brought to Earth the fragrance of Bridegroom Spheres of El Elion.

The laurel has flourished! The Immortals are coming back as winners.

I. Our Father.

Father of the pure LoveThe Father of Pure Love is His new name. The Sunny Deity of the divine beings (theomorphic, perfect creatures). He doesn’t refer to death, evil, judgment, temptation and scandal – everything that our enemy Elohim creates and the inquisitors try to relate these to Christ post factum.

Our Father, inhabiting the sunny Heavens in the transubstantiated upper-heavenly spheres, reveals absolutely, in spite of the devil foggying the heaven.

II. Mother and Our Lady – Alma Mater Dei et Humani.

The Cathars Mother of God

The Burning Lady Minne, Alma Mater Dei et Humani[1] – is the maternal hypostasis of Our Father. Our adoring Father is the fatherly hypostasisof Minne. They are the one in Their eternal divine marriage.

The Mother of God has revealed to us in the neo-Atlantic perspective of the 85-th civilization “Ave Maria”. Minne is opened to the seraphites in the universum, Minne is in the internal castles of a man.

As the Father, contemplating Minne, has shedded the Last Drop, so a man shedding the last drop in his premortal utmost experience, in his premortal groans sees Minne.

III. The sunny God-man, Theoantropos, Seraphite.

We believe there is no man, detached from the Deity. The separation of a man and the Deity makes them distant, sets up insuperable obstacles, leading to the idolatry as the result.

The Deity inhabits in a man through the divine compositions inserted in the birth.

A man is born from the Most High and stays in the absolute unity with Him even after ascending to Earth.

This unity is not outward ( as the gripping two in one) but underlying and inner – through the divine compositions inserted in the birth. The Deity inhabits in a man.

The biblical images of Adam and Eve defile the architype of a man. The Catharism brings forward the wonderful inseparable synthesis – the sunny God-man, Theoanthropos, Seraphite.

The sacral aim of the incarnation is to enter into Love which is impossible to reach in Heavens

A god-man is sent to the world from the Deity with the sacral aim. The man descends from Heaven to enter the Love which is impossible to reach in Heaven. He comes back to Heaven to gain the Love greater than he has reached on Earth.

The Father adores us so that He wants to bring us nearer to Him and for this purpose He allows us… to go. The earthly abandon desert is the mystic language of the love game. The more light the greater darkness you need to grasp.  The darkness can’t overcome the light, and the light shines in the darkness.

The Father lets off a man to the desert for the struggle with the ruler of the world and gaining victory over him through Love.

75-85 from 100 divine particles are left in the celestial spheres

In the theoantropological aspect, only 1/4 of the composition of a man descends on Earth. 75-85 divine particles from his 100 ones are left in the heavenly spheres. And a man is united not only with the Father and the neighbors but he is matched with himself, who is in heaven, with his proper immortal compositions and celestial bodies according to his eternal and authentic identification.

His reincarnation nucleus, reincarnation memory and divine universum in the thousands of architypes are kept in Heavens.

IV. Theogamy, Marriage with the Deity.

The purpose of the incarnation of the soul of a god-man, Seraphite, on Earth is to enrich his inner treasury and to enter into more tight theogamic marriage bonds with the Deity.

Three traps of Elohim

It is necessary to overcome three traps of Elohim on this way:

1) Programs, connected with the incarnation in the physical body: lust, greediness, fears, kef and others earthly chimeras.

2) The church institute, engaged by the ruler of the world. A man makes an attempt to overcome the loneliness, fear and despair with the help of the church but he turns to be in the new web of dogmas and rites that leads to the deep disappointment. Any authentic religion degenerates into the institute after some time and turns to be the spiders trap.

3) The other world pitfall The spreading of the web of the institutional church over the astral tartarus (hebrew sheol, orthodox ordeal and catholic limbo). The souls are choked in this web for a thousand years giving the last energy to the ruler of the world.

The cathar perspective of divinization through the passions’ sphere

Against three traps of Elohim, the Cathar church opens the wonderful perspective of the divinization through the passions’ sphere which is the experience of the Marriage Bed. The Deity realizes his divinity inside the man, regardless of anything. And more he loves him, greater are the sorrows which the man is doomed to.

The myrrh oils of sticking are produced in the passions’ sphere, for the greater unity in One of God and a man – theogamy.

V. Divine potential.

Adaptative re-modelling

To the person coming into this world, the Lucifer suggests to pass an adaptative re-modelling.

This is my world, – he says – to execute your program, you should be adapted to its laws and conventionalities. Your composition should be changed, otherwise you will not be able to live on the earth at all”.

The agreement to these “changes” seals up divine in the person the fatal way. Fatal re-modelling makes a victim subjected to the fatal space programs, a prisoner of the fourth dimension (realm of Lucifer).

The second adaptative re-modelling is cancellation of the union of the person and God. There is no THEOantropos any more. Only the anthropos remains – a man on his own, separately from Deity.

Do not take the Deputy for the Father!’

Jehovah Elohim, ‘God the Lord’ – the formula appears already in 3-rd chapter of Genesis. Thus Elohim declares himself the master of the world. It’s a mistake! – he is not the master, but is only a temporary one.

Disaster of adaptative re-modelling is to forget about the true Master and worship to the malicious managing director.

The Earth belongs to Our Most High, do not forget about it! – The Cathars said all the time. – Do not take the deputy for the Father’.

Restoration of an icon

The Lucifer puts a soul into a sleep and in his etheric operations inserts into it the particles of usurpation, lust and mammon – three elements of Elohim against the immortal bases of El-Elion.

But the Cathar church knows: the adaptative re-modelling has not affected the deep origin of the person. Not more than 15 out of 100 of his immortal components come down to the Earth. The Evil One could damage not more than five out of 15, that’ quite restorable.

The image of the person after the second adaptative re-modelling should pass rehabilitation, restoration. Be restored by the Holy Spirit this time.

144 kingdoms of God, 144 castles –one another finer

The Catharism teaches about 144 internal pantries and about 12 immortal bodies of the person (they correspond to 144 spectra of Sacred Grail).

Thus devilish potential is forbidden (cosmic luciferism aspires to open it), and divine potential of the person is unsealed (through suffering).

VI. Holy Grail.

Whitening of a nacreous bone

The treasury of Cathar universe says: a person is created in the Chalice. As there is nothing except for love, and there is nobody except for our Father and our Mother, – there is nothing except for the Chalice. All the rest – a temple, a cross, holy passions – serves the Chalice.

The Chalice can never be one-compound, it flows and is constantly multiplied. Blood of Christ (one million last drops) has been collected in the Chalice in Joseph of Arimathea’s hands. Then the Sacred Grail is enriched with a reciprocal drop of Divine Mother (Marriage feast on Nightingale mountain) and 200 million reciprocal drops of martyrs of the Cathar–Solovki Golgotha.

Last drop is unique

The last drop shed in the Chalice – is the most precious extract in the person. Poisoned by adaptative re-modelling, a man miraculously exhales the last drop in a treasury of Grail – the ambrosia of divine composition. In his death groan exhales completeness of love which he could not achieve on the earth.

Consuming of white pollen, relics formation

In church of the Chalice there are no liturgies and masses, but a mystical meal at the Round table. Grail is stored in the holy being and become apparent at the mystical meals of Great Church of Love. It feeds immortal bodies and gives a perfect bliss. It is a “sacred manna” that feeds directly from the Deity.

VII. Catharsis.

Catharsis (purification) is an ancient mystical term. Its origin is universal and goes back to esoteric schools of Atlantis. Cathars’ catharsis is complete purification, unconditional preference of divine purity, a degree of the pure (cathar) and perfect in purity.

Catharsis assumes heroic efforts

By his abused nature, spoilt by the second adapting remolding, the man is caught in the net of the devil. He is ill, doomed to failure. He is facing calamities.

The complete catharsis, the perfect purity is required for divinization. Catharsis assumes heroic efforts in overcoming fatal programs, the ability to confront one to one the force of the devil with the force of Our Most High.

Components of the Cathar catharsis:

1. The introspection (from ‘intro’ – internal, and ‘spectrum’ – light). Entering internal castles, looking into your inner self.

2. Holy Passions (Strastnoe). Purifying sufferings.

3.  Unified prayers (vs. abstract and distant ones).

4. Ascetic zeal. Ablution on holy sources, bows.

5. Pure nutrition. Fasting as an aspect of purification.

6. Multiplying love towards the fellow-creature.

7. Universum – the charters of Supreme Wisdom imprinted in immortal bodies and archetypes.

Way to transfiguration of the inner self

Catharsis excludes confession in front of the Terrible and Punishing One. The praxis of purification is based on living in a community (gradula) under the guidance of perfect elders, prophets and trainers revealing the  way to transfiguration of the inner self. Passing through catharsis under the guidance of perfects, we get transfigured; and being pure we go back to the lap of our Father.

VIII.  Universum and  archetype.

Universum as following the ways of  Supreme Wisdom

Universum – the manifestation of Sophia, of Supreme Wisdom of the All Highest. Archetype – active manifestation of Universum in the God-man world process. Following the divine archetype imprinted in the man, there are personal archetypes (manifestation of the man in God-mankind), national archetypes etc.

There are archetypal universal categories such as holy kindness (bonhomism), eternal virginity, obedience to perfect elders, incessant perfecting, the vow of continuous work on oneself.

The world found in the charters of  Universum

There is the world found in the charters of Universum, opposed to personal opinions, fears, disagreements, splits (sown by Lucifer). Entering its gates, the man finds peace and many friends because Universum charters do not require any laws or legal doctrines.

Categories of  Universum:

1. The man is the subject of divinization.

2. There is only one power – the power of love-Minne.

3. The Divinity indisputably lives in the man, even in case of extreme abandonment.

4. Strastnoe (the suffering transforming into the state of beatitude). Each soul is invited to suffering, keeping her ties with Мinne.

5. The battle: there is no soul which would not fight against the prince of this world. Spiritual people fight a deadly battle with him.

6. The Last Drop. The majority of holy souls (even if they have not reached perfection), pour out the last drop in their pre-mortal experience.

7 Chalice in Universum.

8. Cross appointed from above.

9.Christ and Mother of God in Universum, manifested in all true world religions.

10.The Great Church of Love. In reincarnation prospective it unifies us with righteous fathers and mothers, senior and younger brothers and sisters of all epochs and cultures.

IX. Consolamentum.

Consolamentum (lat. consolo – ‘consolation’) in the Catharism can be understood in two ways:

La acumulación del Espíritu Santo

1. The Sacrament of acquisition of the Holy Spirit (La acumulación del Espíritu Santo). The Divinity revealed lifelong in 144 internal castles. The rebirth against the molding of the prince of this world, interdiction on covenants with the devil. Rehabilitation and return to the Father’s lap.

Opening of the posthumous light tunnel for the soul

2. The light tunnel leading back to the spheres of Our Father (against ‘the third trap’).

Souls wish to return to the Universe of our Father ‘Amma Maria’. The light tunnel should open to those who know the secrets of the Heavens, the Earth and the man.

X. Holy kindness.

Sanctity is connected with growing potential of overwhelming kindness

Sanctity is not shaped by ascetic deeds or imitation of book samples, but by the growing potential of kindness – the over-heavenly kindness.

The measure of the divine potential is – kindness multiplication. Bonhomism assumes the molding of the new man – in the image of the kindest of the kind Father, the kindest of the kind Mother, the kindest of the kind Christ, the kindest of the kind church.

The original purity is in the nature of  Godman

The original sin is inherent to demiurge, and the original purity to Godman. Born from the pure Father, he is originally and unconditionally pure. And when the man is released from chimeras, fears, thoughts – he shines with the principal original kindness of our Father.

For this purpose it is necessary to change one’s inner composition, having passed through metanoia[2] and having made vows of catharsis to the last minute and of obedience to spiritual charters of Universum.

XI.  Christ authentic and parutic[3].

By his origin Authentic Christ is  not from the judaic god, but from the Father of pure love. It is the dialogue with the omni-present, persistent Christ of the second coming.

XII. The Cathar Mother of God.

Christ and Maria have descended to the world, passing an adapting remolding. Mother of God is the lap of the Holy Spirit which is giving birth from above.

Mother of God was  the perfect pattern for the Cathars. Nowadays our worship of the Heavenly Queen is multiplied. In reincarnation prospective She is revealed as Sophia, as Divine Minne, as the Lap, as Теоengedradora – Mother giving birth to the divinity in the man, the Divinity becoming manlike and the man becoming divinity.

XIII. Holy Spirit Divinizer (Divinizator).

The hypostasis of the Holy Spirit which the traditional Christianity did not know is: the Divinizer.

After 700 years, the cathar consolomentum is  replaced by divinamentum – the sacrament of consolation by thesacrament of divinization.

Theosis (divinization) is a different  prospective, a new level. The man, being as distant from the Divinity as ever, abused and defiled by the prince of this world – is instantly divinized. Minne – the love of our All Highest has revealed herself more than ever. And this is the  paradox of ultimate times.

XIV. Reincarnation prospective.

Aristocratic image of reincarnation as  ascending the way

In the pharisaic version of Christianity reincarnation is denied. Tibet understands it as metempsychosis (resettlement of the soul). The cathar aristocratic image of reincarnation as possibilities of repeated embodiments assumes only an ascending way. Catharism excludes resettlement in subordinate forms (with rare exception when pharisees in the third trap turn into evil spirits-torturers) and teaches about mainly noble anointer embodiments. The soul cannot be retained in the Heavens, while other souls are suffering. She is thirsty of multiplying the experience of her passions of strastnoe and of taking above with her  some more precious  companions, of getting some more souls  out of Satan’s slavery. She knows, that the Father will not leave her under any condition.

Reincarnation prospective leaves the man fearless. This is actually the very eternal life, without inert lulling boundaries of ‘eternity’. The zealot abides in incessant ascending and descending dynamics, until his divine potential is realised, and until the last soul does not get out of Lucifer’s net.

3 categories or reincarnation prospective

In wider sense, reincarnation prospective includes the following categories:

1) reincarnation screen: reading and looking at what is happening in reincarnation prospective: the understanding that the places  you are visiting and  the  people you are meeting you have already  seen and  visited before.

2) reincarnation memory

3) reincarnation conscience, i.e. innate spirituality.

XV. Reincarnation explosion.

It is a wonderful acme of life which summarises your experience of all last embodiments. Heavenly reincarnation core (cathars named it ‘solar plexus’)  contains all the wonderful that the man has acquired in his previous experience. And when the explosion comes, the soul is divinized instantly, reaching the heights of sanctity.


Blessed John of the Holy Grail.


[1] Mother who feeds Gods and men.
[2] Transfiguration.
[3] Parusia – is the Second Advent, Christ as the present One.



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