Prophet of the new Atlantis

3 04 2011

John of the Holy Grail in Kemer

John of the Holy Grail is a spiritual phenomenon in today’s world — a representative in this New Era which the ancient prophets proclaimed. He is one of the anointed ones, whom God sends to humanity in times of great crises, as now, on the eve of changing epochs. The ardent, loving abundant heart of Blessed John instantly captivates. The flaming zeal of holiness guides him.

John of the Holy Grail has thousands of followers in many countries: America, Japan, Europe, Africa, Russia… His disciples call him, ‘the father of ineffable love’, – ‘A teacher of holiness’, – ‘who holds the keys to the essence of the Divine’. 

His touching careful attitude towards people impresses deeply. ‘No matter how low a Person has fallen, or has been taken,’ he teaches, ‘that the inexhaustible potential of Love is still dormant in them’.

John of the Holy Grail considers awakening the Treasure-of-Love in humanity is the most important part of his pastoral duty.

The mysteries revealed through him have overcome the mystics of Islam, the wise men of Hinduism, shocked the Christian ascetics, and left the Himalayan teachers wondering in awe.

A quarter of a century ago, the Mother of God revealed Herself to him and, blessed him for his prophetic ministry to mankind. Since then, the Virgin Lady has conversed with this anointed disciple a thousand times and, remains with him continually.

John of the Holy Grail has published many books about the Revelations he received from the Lord and from The Mother of God. Interest in his books and his popularity as a writer-mystic grows daily; each of his 500 books is a unique revelation of mystical secrets. The books of the Revelation of Mother of God contain the prophetic outlines of the coming millennium. What should mankind expect? Not the end of the world and not the coming of the Beast; God’s civilization is coming. Blessed John confirms that modern humanity is living in the period of change between of two civilizations. The old ones are passing away, and are being replaced by the civilization of the Original Immaculation of a deeper love for humanity. The world-wide crisis in all spheres of human activity on the planet is connected with this change. It is not a coincidence that many people call Blessed John a new Solomon.

Each time after ascending a mountain to receive revelations, whether in Russia’s Vyborg, Turkey’s Kemer, America’s Breezy Point or Esterel in France, Blessed John changed so much in his appearance and his inner essence, that neighbours could hardly recognise him. The Virgin Lady, always re-consecrating him in the ineffable mysteries of the Cathar’s, changing his consciousness, mentality, essence and nature; multiplying the presence of the Divinity in him.

People love him for his sensitive heart, paternal care and life of truth. The young adore him and follow him in his ardent sufferings for humanity’s heart. Father John opens the sealed pages of forgotten Christianity, which began not, with forced baptism, but from the apostolate of Our Lady in the period of Her seclusion in Ephesus.

This new branch of the disciples-of-Christ, (originating from ancient Atlantis.) called: ‘The Immortal Cathars’, are also called, ‘The keepers of the Chalice’. It will return mankind to our eternal archetype. Naturally this has nothing to do with religion, as religions and dogmas cannot free us. The path must be a true and free spirituality.

John of the Holy Grail confirms that the future belongs to Cathar Spirituality, of which we are all potential participants.

Evil will disappear. The conflicts and crises will end. The civilization of pure love will be established on Earth. It will transform the whole world. John of the Holy Grail devotes his entire life to the realization of this inspiring ideal.




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