How to become Immortal?

15 04 2011

from The Immortals book by John of the Holy Grail

Grádula ('the tower of towers')


‘On San Salvador a sphere of the highest fiery divine existence reigned. Death was defeated.

Those that had achieved the fourth, highest stage of immortality came in fiery bodies whenever they wanted, taking appearances one more beautiful than another…’

the Appearances of  Father of pure love, Chapter 7


‘The bonds of eternal brotherhood passed into eternity and granted immortality.’

The Father of pure love:

‘My child, not one person achieved the stage of the immortals, until he had thrice died, giving up his life for his neighbour, and was thrice resurrected, rejoicing in the bridal lodges of pure love for the advantages of eternally virginal conscience, in the embraces of the indescribable brotherhood.’

the Vows of eternal virginity and eternal brotherhood, Chapter 8


‘Elixirs of immortality do not exist. It is useless to seek them on other planets or in alchemical retorts.
Immortality is achieved solely with the stage of agapic love between perfect brothers and sisters.’

the secret of airy castles, Chapter 20


‘The key to immortality: there should be no transition. On earth the Divinity grants the highest of blessings, accessible to the sunny Seraphites, His faithful sons and daughters.

Life in the Bridal Chambers,
residence in the perfect chambers
on earth as in heaven.

On earth more than in heaven. In heaven more than on earth.’

the Pillars of the cathar path to perfection, Chapter 22


‘For immortality and eternal life, open the springs of pure love and do not seal them. May more and more oceanic streams of the purest of pure sunny love, from the bosom of Our immaculate Mother, flow above the world.’

the New Name of our Father, ch.27

Read more in the Immortals book by blessed John




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