Who are the Immortal ones?

16 04 2011

Chapter 17. The Immortals, p. 324.

Juan de San Grial

Blessed John:

“Those resting in the crevices of San Salvador are the immortals, the fourth stage after ‘pure ones – perfect ones – anointed ones’.

The status of the immortals is special in the church of Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. The regal stage of disposins.

Christ calls the immortals His own kindered brothers. They are the true keepers of the Chalice, His true mystical twins, one with Him.

Their memory dwells on earth eternally. Their presence is ineradicable and absolute.

They are able to come and go from the earth as many times as they like, not being subject to the laws of decay and death. Our Divinity has given them the authority to descend to the earth when they consider necessary, in accordance with the sensitive barometre of their hearts, responding to the painful vibrations of world history, and to disappear just as mysteriously.

They rest in fragrant white shrouds with myrrhic aromas. Their faces are pale, but irresistibly beautiful with most heavenly spirituality.

The immortals reveal themselves at the end of the 84th civilization, on the eve of the 85th, as the workers of the future age, in order to give the mysterious rules and particles to their disciples.”

Chapter 4. The Fifteen-stage Consulamentum, p. 82.


“Those freed from the modelling of the prince of this world were called pure (1). The perfect ones (2) were those, who had achieved a stage of the masterly modelling of the Holy Spirit.

Then followed the stage of the anointed one (3): christ, the small redeemer. And the level of the immortal (4): life in heaven and on earth in one and the same fiery bodies.

The two highest stages of the Cathar path (the anointed ones and the immortals) are being revealed to humanity for the first time.

The initiated ones took a vow not to share their secret even under the fear of death or torture.

Thus the inquisitors were not able to learn about the highest initiations of the Cathars. Nothing more than knowledge of naïve ‘pure ones’ and ‘perfect ones’ regarding the Cathar church came to its persecuters.”

Chapter 13. The Sunny Religion revealed for the first time in Teohumanity, p. 266.

The philosophy of the immortals.

The Immortals of San Salvador:

Transubstantiate unceasingly. Transubstantiation is the pledge of immortality.

He who has mastered the mystery of transubstantiation as a transition from the erased form into the superior form (with the condition of absolute unworldliness) has mastered the foundations of the immortals’ philosophy.

Our Father was able to leave man eternal life even in the physical body. But then his capacity for transubstantiation, given with the deliverance from the mortal and the transition into eternal peace, would have been far less than now.

The 15 staircases of transubstantiation.

There exist 15 staircases of transubstantiation, and in each are 15 stages (15×15 = 225: a holy number). At the 225th (the stage of Christ, Mary, Euphrosinia, Innokenty, Seraphim and the fiery hierarchy of Solovetsky, the Cathar perfect ones) the transition is perceived as a release from bonds, the Bridal Bed.

From the first to the fifth staircases – the pure ones; fifth to tenth – the perfect ones; eleventh to thirteenth – the anointed ones; fourteenth to fifteenth – the immortals.

Chapter 7. The Sunny The Appearances of the Father of pure love, p. 144.

The spiritual centre of Theohumanity.

San Salvador Verdadero

The Fiery Hierarchy:

Those, who had already passed the stages of purification, had to instruct the new beginners.

The perfect ones passed into seclusion. The highest stages – of the anointed ones and the immortals – presupposed a vow of eternal service to humanity, without abandoning San Salvador Verdadero.

It was impossible to abandon the mountain. At the highest stages of divinization the world looked worse than a hellish bottom or demonic backwater.

A great white cherub was continually raised above San Salvador – the seal of our Divinity and His eternal cover above the mountain of the chosen ones.

The fathers of San Salvador called it the spiritual centre of the Theohumanity.

The goal of the path to the Cathar castles is not salvation, but immortality.

The goal of the path to the Cathar castles is not salvation, nor even divinization, but immortality.

It is possible for fervent disciples who have fulfilled the programme outlined by us and revealed to humanity for the first time.

Do not endeavour to go by your own paths. No less than ten anointings are necessary from ten perfect teachers (the stage of each exceeds that of the previous).

[1] His name is Juan de San Grial, the supreme apostle of the Father of pure love, His perfect mirror. He has been given the immoveable staff and has been ordered to keep the desert Grail in the Holy Passion before His eyes. How madly he loves! On his face is transcendental exceeding wisdom. Under the radiance of a thousand rays – the divine Juan.





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