The Royal path of Kindness

6 07 2012

Chapter 21. The keys to the transformation of the man, p. 366.


“The Immortals are those who have been preserved from different civilization: the newcomer successors of the Hyperboreans, of Atlantis. Like the Slavic Theogamites, the Cathar Immortals perceived the practical spirituality from Andrew the First-Called and from Nightingale Mountain. But their roots run even deeper: in the civilization of original immaculateness.”

One of the most important parts of the spiritual path of the Immortals is the practice of getting kinder. When we become kinder all our being transforms miraculously.


To become kinder man needs:

1) birth from the Father of pure love (plus the realization of the second adaptative remodelling corruption of Lucifer, who is the father of global evil);

2) acceptance of the origin of original immaculateness, giving absolute protection against sin, Lucifer, and the temptations of the prince of this world;

3) acceptance of Christ and Mary as the two perfect lamps of the 84th civilization.

It is especially important to worship Christ and Mary. Around them are settled 200 million sunny bon hommes – the martyrs of love, called the elite of the 84th civilization.

These 200 million last drops form the sunny Grail-85, from which comes the Godman, the Theoanthropos of the Theocivilization.

The Godman (christ, bon homme) is born in the shape of the Father of pure love (in opposition to the modelling of Rex Mundi) (1); in the shape of Christ and Mary (2); in the Great Church of Love (3); in the scheme of Exceeding Wisdom (4); in the bosom of the Theocivilization-III (5).




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