The Grail: Being in virginal love

27 05 2013

The Grail: Being in virginal love

John of the Holy Grail’s new book, reflects on the imminent coming of New Divinity. He is so near that we can already see His shining face. Seeing Him, it is impossible not to fall in love with Him.

The Grail, like the alchemists’ ‘philosophers stone’, was a central focus of spiritual exploration in the Middle Ages. As the philosophers’ stone transforms base metals into gold, so the Holy Grail changes a person, making him divine.

The Grail is, in fact, the return to human kind of the ‘first love’, the incredible god-man synthesis which had been lost. It is impossible to speak or write about it without a direct revelation from on high. This very book is the fruit of one such revelation. Its source is the Holy Grail.
Around the Holy Grail have accumulated many historical studies, novels, semi-mystic treaties, and attempts to rationalise the mystery or superimpose someone’s own theory on it. Do not look for any of that here. We have before us a divine song of love which has been composed during constant contemplation of the Holy Grail.

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“This is the new Grail, revealed to humankind for the first time”, says the author about his own book. “The image of the Grail was stolen. Occultists and religionists used it for their own purposes. My task is to reveal the true image of the Grail; virginal and purified of any historical interference.”
Using the key of the Grail – the key of Heavenly Wisdom – the author reveals the manifestations of heavenly love in history and culture. The traditions of Egypt and Greece, images of the Middle Ages in Europe and the insights of modern-day philosophers pass before his gaze.

The Grail is the great unification of Heavenly Father and His children, and the meeting point for God’s light and the ascent of humanity. It is the source which secretly feeds humanity throughout its long and difficult journey. John of the Holy Grail teaches us about the hundreds of spectral facets, particles, rays and castles of the Grail: its myriad forms.





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