by Eleonora Virginova, Ph.D. philologist, translator

John of the Holy Grail is the father and the teacher of the divinized, Christ’s branch of the humanity, transfigurated and united with the beloved Father of Pure love. He is the founder of the new spirituality of which the universal Exceeding Wisdom of the Holy Grail is the original source. The mystery of the anointed is also that he is a heavenly man, literally, created from the unearthly compositions, born in the virginal vestments of the Mother of God.

He proclaims the kingdom of the immaculate life and he has been given the keys for the victory over the sin and he holds the secret of clothing in the immaculate new body. He has been restored in the archetype of the Godman. Blessed John belongs to a kind of people, who are not satisfied with the ideological version of the faith in Christ, but who is of His spirit and His nature. The Divinity manifests so clearly and obviously in him, that it does not require much work and effort to distinguish Him.

There is no limit of surprise and delight: the greatest saint lives among us. The only motive of his life on earth is the love Minne. He hurries to the suffering ones of love, seeing the shapes of the Divine love in the hearts of neighbours, and undergoes great holy passion for each of them as their inner spiritual potential can emerge.

The world is on the threshold of great achievements. The new spirituality teaches the new ways for improving, the need to change the whole inner being of man by the power of Love. As our fathers, the Cathars, think that man from his creation has been combined by the bridal bonds with the Divinity.

The mysterious Father sends us into the world for the soul being more and more improved on the ways of love. To live in this nightmarish, deceitful, unscrupulous world is worth only for the sake of love, which is not on the earth. Man searches to express himself, but all his aspirations are robbed by the father of lust and lie, the author of the original sin, who has sealed the divine potential in man.

If God is evil, man becomes evil too. If God is kind, the humanity is also kind. But at the last depth man remains in the original and primordial formation of the Divinity – the loving Father, not engaged into the sin, illness, death, adultery, violence. Father’s name is the Father of pure love.

The task of spiritual elders, the true purpose of the true religion is to return man to the fullness of the divine compositions, 100 from 100, and, moreover, to add to this a new quality – to create him as the bride of his beloved heavenly Bridegroom, the Holy Spirit, to become more beautiful and more perfect.

The new spirituality of the new millennium is the spirituality of the Bridal Chamber, of the Cross as the Bridal Bed and the Chalice with the shedding of the last drop of the burning love in the transcendental holy passion. The Exceeding Wisdom, personified Sophia, giving birth from on high in the immaculate bosom through the immaculate conception, leads along the way of the disclosing of the divine potential. The Virgin Lady as well as Christ were immaculately born in the formation of the Holy Spirit. She opened in the glory of pristine purity ‘I am the Immaculate Conception’ at Lourdes.

In book of  “The Immortals” the great anointed ones reveal the secrets of perfect love, pure, virgin, unstained, the ways back to the palaces of the Father, to the most fragrant bridal chambers at the cost of the cross, holypassions and miraculous cures, provided by the Exceeding Wisdom and Church of the perfect ones, the Church of Christ!

Oh, the Father of pure love, the great consolation to mankind! The orphans, intimidated by the wicked stepfather, acquire the kindest, loving Father. Blessed are screaming, not as slaves: “Have mercy and do not kill”, but as the loving sons: “Avva, Father, Beloved Father, I long to fall into Your arms!”.

The concealed mysterious Chalice… It is impossible to understand anything about the immortals out of the spirituality of  the Chalice, outside of Its radiation. The Grail has established Its kingdom, whose name is the kingdom of the divine love, of the messianistic anointed ones. The Grail anointed the disciples of Christ by the myrrh composition and inscribed the inner of the Chalice inside of them. The Chalice of the adoring love becomes a tool of deification of the Creator in His creation, the Father in His children.

The philosophy of the immortals: “Transubstantiate unceasingly.”  Transubstantiation is the pledge of immortality. He, who has mastered the mystery of transubstantiation as a transition from the erased form into the superior form (with the condition of absolute unworldliness) has mastered the foundations of the immortal’s philosophy.

The book is of interest to everybody, who strives for the spiritual perfection, seeking effective ways of transformation and illumination, for the uniting in love with the loving Father and beloved neighbour, for those, wishing to comprehend the laws of the Universe and Exceeding Wisdom and are interested in the mystery of the Holy Grail.


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