Prophet of the new Atlantis

3 04 2011

John of the Holy Grail in Kemer

John of the Holy Grail is a spiritual phenomenon in today’s world — a representative in this New Era which the ancient prophets proclaimed. He is one of the anointed ones, whom God sends to humanity in times of great crises, as now, on the eve of changing epochs. The ardent, loving abundant heart of Blessed John instantly captivates. The flaming zeal of holiness guides him.

John of the Holy Grail has thousands of followers in many countries: America, Japan, Europe, Africa, Russia… His disciples call him, ‘the father of ineffable love’, – ‘A teacher of holiness’, – ‘who holds the keys to the essence of the Divine’.  Read the rest of this entry »


Your review about John of the Holy Grail

7 01 2011

   Charles Mercieca, Ph.D, the president of UN International Association of Educators for World Peace, Alabama University Professor (Huntsville, USA):

His ecumenical contacts 

John of the Holy Grail with Sheikh Nazim

   His ecumenical contacts, not only with branches of Christianity, but also with other religions such as Islam and Buddhism are particularly notable.. Many people are inspired by his dedication to complex theological, philosophical and social questions. Keen interest in preserving peace in the world has allowed John of the Holy Grail to become a special consultant of the UN international non-government organization – Educators for World Peace, which has its offices in more than 90 countries. He has given numerous interviews on TV and radio, communicates with people through articles published in mass media. One of his greatest spiritual gifts is the ability to find positive and constructive sides virtually in all phenomena of the modern world. Read the rest of this entry »