Spiritual Practice

The laurel has flourished!

How to become Immortal?

Immortals: ”Elixirs of immortality do not exist. It is useless to seek them on other planets or in alchemical retorts. Immortality is achieved solely with the stage of agapic love between perfect brothers and sisters.

Not one person achieved the stage of the immortals, until he had thrice died, giving up his life for his neighbour, and was thrice resurrected, rejoicing in the bridal lodges of pure love for the advantages of eternally virginal conscience, in the embraces of the indescribable brotherhood…” <read more>

The Third Path

Immortals: “Against Tibetan cosmism and global fundamentalism proclaim the third path throughout the whole world: Christ as the heir of the Father of pure love.

The Great Church of love will give a sign. It will not be in external events (disasters, ‘the dancing of the sun’, rock fall from the mountains and so on), but in the instantaneous transformation of the souls summoned under the influence of the oceanic grace of the Holy Spirit…” <read more>

Ladder of purificationThe ladder of purification

Immortals: “The majority of the immortals were delighted by the regal Theogamic sum: the deepest sobriety in the first centuries (tenth and eleventh); transcendental battle, connected with the uprising of the prince of the world; the persecutions of the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries, the epoch of the glorious martyrdoms and iridescent wreaths.

Not the slightest fear before illnesses, death…” <read more>

Keys to the transformation of man

One of the most important parts of the spiritual path of the Immortals is the practice of becoming kinder.When we become kinder all our being transforms miraculously.

Immortals: “To become kinder man needs:

1) birth from the Father of pure love (plus the realization of the second adaptative remodelling corruption of Lucifer, who is the father of global evil)…” <read more>

Cathars Cross15 pearls of the Immortals’ spirituality.

Our Fathers and we have been staying at the thrones of Our the Most High for 700 years, descending to Earth and getting enriched in the experience of holy passions. These 700 years have passed as the shedding of the last drop to the spouting Holy Grail of Our the Most High. Reincarnation cycles have enriched his composition, having brought to Earth the fragrance of Bridegroom Spheres of El Elion.

The laurel has flourished! The Immortals are coming back as winners. <read more>

Mary Magdalene concepts immaculately

The Immaculate conception of Mary Magdalene.

In John’s Gospel it is said: «She did not realize it was Jesus». When He approached, in Him she saw a gardener in  white vestments, the Holy  Fool-in-Love. «Ah, Rabonni!» said she, «My Groom!» And she was exalted in beatitude.

Mary didn’t recognize Him because he came to her as a Groom. The sweetest myrrh was pouring out of His heart.Mary longed to touch Him. «Oh, if only I could touch..!» But he said: «Do not hold on to me. It will be like this.» <read more>


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