Preface. San-Salvador, Revelation of the Great Church of Love.

I. A hymn to our Father, the sun of suns of pure love.

II. The Catalonian Horn of plenty. The mystery of the multiplication of the Chalice

III. The hours of divinization,
the hours of communion with the second Christ

IV. The fifteen-stage consolamentum.

V. Lucifer defeated:
The eighty-fifth civilization has begun

VI. The scattering of the blessings
The rehabilitation of the compositions of man

VII. The appearances of the Father of pure love.
Union with the treasure trove of our Divinity

VIII. The vows of eternal virginity and eternal brotherhood

IX. The candles of immortality above san salvador verdadero

X. The archetype of ‘KIND people’.

XI. The Earth – the greatest celestial body of crucified love

XII. The cathar mothers in the communion of the ever-present Christ

XIII. The sunny religion, revealed for the first time in Theohumanity

XIV. The cathar revolution in the history of humanity

XV. The fragrance of the Bridal Bed of our Divinity

XVI. The ascent to San Salvador

XVII. The Immortals.

XVIII. The knighthood of the Father of pure love is the battle with the forces of Elohim

XIX. Purification

XX. The secret of the airy castles

XXI. Keys to the transformation of man

XXII. The pillars of the cathar path to perfection

XXIII. The blood of Christ flows into the chalice
The mystery of the Chalice in the Holy Grail

XXIV. The gospel of San Salvador

XXV. The fullness of the Divinity, without distortions and distorting mirrors

XXVI. The burning heart
The dessert hours of the second conversation

XXVII. The new name of our Father

XXVIII. Juan de San grial, the supreme apostle of the Father of pure love.

XXIX. Simon Cephas, the ‘apostle’ Peter

XXX. The double standard of monotheism

XXXI. Five million will be led to the ark

XXXII. The radiance of the most eternal one in existence today

Appendix. 20 mysteries of the Holy Grail.

Afterword by Charles Mercieca, Ph.D. – God’s Messenger of Love and Peace.


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