The Immortals Book

3 04 2015

book by John of the Holy Grail

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The famous movement of the European Cathars, destroyed by the Roman inquisition in the Middle Ages, causes great interest today.

The outstanding thinker, John of the Holy Grail, rehabilitates and comprehends in a new way the phenomenon of the Catharism, which was the spiritual foundation of the European democracy and humanism.

The Immortals, as the highest rank of the Cathar Great Church of Love, reveal themselves and explain the foundations of their unique spirituality in this book, and invite the reader to inherit their treasury.


ISBN 9785982900869
556 pages
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Revelation about Japan

16 03 2011

revelation of the Mother of God to John of the Holy Grail

Alma Mater Dei et Humani: 

Alma Mater Dei et Humani

Without My interference and cover (protection) the world will perish. I have already prevented the world disaster[1]. Three nuclear reactors could have exploded and the leakage of radiation would have become dis-ast-rous.

 The secret services of 17 countries (not only the developed countries of Europe and America, but also some from Asia and even two from Africa) made a covenant with humanoids to exterminate mankind and to spread experimental monsters that are being born in their space laboratories.

Mother of God slowly, syllable by syllable, uttered this word.

The whole earth and all living beings would have been shaken due to a nuclear explosion. The Globe could have tipped over and millions of potentially pure and good inhabitants of the earth would have been dumped into the abyss. How can I, your loving Mother, have let this happen? Read the rest of this entry »

Revelation about Japan. Part I

16 11 2010

revelation of the Mother of God to John of the Holy Grail

Mary’s Care for the Japanese

Alma Mater Dei et Humani

Alma Mater Dei et Humani:

I beg you, do not relate me in any way with “the childhood of Jesus” and “Jerusalem’s synagogue”. I am the Virgin in Japanese mountain snow. I am the first in the hierarchy of divinities and archetypes of Sunny Sovereign. I am the Mother, dear to the heart of everyone who confesses himself as an inhabitant of the Land of the Rising Sun.

My children, the rising sun of the new holy Japan is your Mother, Alma Mater Dei et Humani.

The constant pronouncing of my name will attract interminable number of divinities and perfect men to the earth. For them I am their eternal Mother. They will descend to the world through the purest entrances with only the movement of my hand, to carry out their missions of salvation and purification.

I am the Mother of the new virginal and solar Japan. I am that one, who is able to revive Japan from the ashes, liberate it of thousands of chimeras and disgrace, which the prince of this world would like to plunge the Land of the Rising Sun. Read the rest of this entry »