The Grail: Being in virginal love

27 05 2013

The Grail: Being in virginal love

John of the Holy Grail’s new book, reflects on the imminent coming of New Divinity. He is so near that we can already see His shining face. Seeing Him, it is impossible not to fall in love with Him.

The Grail, like the alchemists’ ‘philosophers stone’, was a central focus of spiritual exploration in the Middle Ages. As the philosophers’ stone transforms base metals into gold, so the Holy Grail changes a person, making him divine.

The Grail is, in fact, the return to human kind of the ‘first love’, the incredible god-man synthesis which had been lost. It is impossible to speak or write about it without a direct revelation from on high. This very book is the fruit of one such revelation. Its source is the Holy Grail.
Around the Holy Grail have accumulated many historical studies, novels, semi-mystic treaties, and attempts to rationalise the mystery or superimpose someone’s own theory on it. Do not look for any of that here. We have before us a divine song of love which has been composed during constant contemplation of the Holy Grail.

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15 Pearls of the Immortals’ spirituality

2 04 2011

Cathars Cross

Our Fathers and we have been staying at the thrones of Our the Most High for 700 years, descending to Earth and getting enriched in the experience of holy passions.

These 700 years have passed as the shedding of the last drop to the spouting Holy Grail of Our the Most High. Reincarnation cycles have enriched his composition, having brought to Earth the fragrance of Bridegroom Spheres of El Elion.

The laurel has flourished! The Immortals are coming back as winners. Read the rest of this entry »

Where is the Holy Grail?

21 01 2011

from The Immortals book by John of the Holy Grail

The Great keeper of the Holy Grail - Juan de Lopez


“The keeper of the Chalice is clothed in the immortal vestments of the Father of heavenly love. Otherwise he is not able to take the Holy Grail, shining in the light of lights, into his hands.

Clothed in vestments, after lengthy prayers and fasts, he takes the Chalice of the Divinity into his hands…”

“No creations of human hands, however skillfully made from gold and silver and even more valuable metals, are able to replace the sunny Chalice of Our Father.” Read the rest of this entry »

The mystery of Cathar Cross

14 01 2011

from The Immortals book by John of the Holy Grail 

The mystery of the Round Table and the Cathar Cross

Cathars Cross

Cathar Cross on Montsegur


“In the symbolism of the Round Table the four circles, drawn on linen, radiated out like the four suns of the Cathar cross. The four circles symbolize:

I. The heart of the Father of pure love and the birth of the proto-Christ, the Son of God, from the Last Drop.

II. Christ sheds a million multiplied last drops at Golgotha in Jerusalem.

III. The Great Church of Love multiplies Christ in the Holy Passion of the anointed sovereigns.

IV. Theohumanity achieves the triumph of myrrhic drops. The 85th Theocivilization.”

 The four – circle Cathar Cross

“The dispersing Cathar cross, passing beyond the limits of three circles, symbolizes the combination of the pure bride with her heavenly hypostasis through the practice of the Holy Passion and the spiritual experience of metanoia (internal transformation). Read the rest of this entry »

What happened at Montségur

17 11 2010

Chapter 16. The ascent to San Salvador, p. 317.

Cathar castle Montsegur

Cathar Perfects:

“What happened at Montségur? The inquisitors and crusaders lit three fires. But Our Divinity revealed himself and named the execution place of the Second Golgotha, where He accepted the second great sacrifice of the Son.

Christ ascended to the Second Golgotha with two hundred perfect disciples. The heavenly father of love raised all of them. Not one single uninitiated one was able to come here.” Read the rest of this entry »

Mary Magdalene

16 11 2010

Chapter 29. Simon Cephas, the ‘apostle’ Peter, p. 476.

Mary Magdalene, the Mother of the messianic disposins


“From Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene came that which is called, in the Holy Grail and the church of the immortals, the line of adoring love – a kind of ‘witnesses, true to the last’.

Mary Magdalene experienced the most blessed inspirations of the Holy Spirit and supernatural ecstasies. The Saviour set Mary’s adoring love as an example for his other disciples and granted her more and more indescribable gifts.” Read the rest of this entry »

Three great secrets

16 11 2010

Chapter 11. The Earth – the greatest celestial body of crucified love, p. 221.


The sign of special initiation, shining on the brow, signified the three great secret-paradoxes: Divinity, heaven, and earth. All in all these three revealed the mystery of the Godman.

San Salvador Verdadero - the castle of the Immortal ones

The secret-paradox of the Father (1) lay in his concealed nature and exclusive internal manifestation. Our Father is not on earth and He is solely present.

His manifestation in the immortals is absolute. There is not one most wretched and badly expressed soul, having glanced in the deep mines of whom, we would not have discovered a sourced of the Highest God.” Read the rest of this entry »